“Positive Food” is now about more than making food in your life ethical. It’s about the bigger picture- feeding positivity generally with our activism. Threats to our freedom and survival are abound.

We have 4 projects currently! We’re putting in a ton of hours- 1 1/2 full time jobs’ worth between 2 people. If you want to support us so we can keep it going and be fed ourselves, click the donate button on the right because non-profit employees have salaries but citizen activists depend on sponsorship if self-financed philanthropy isn’t enough. ***Thank you.***

Ernie and Mary Nichols are speakers & authors that do community work. It is the experience that will later give us material for books and paid speaking events in additional to the volunteer work we’ll continue doing. We’ve been working an intense volunteer schedule for three years. Item number 4, the fanaticiZe program, is the only for-profit work we’re doing and we hope it will be inspirational as well as entertaining. Our company name is the same as this website, Positive Food, Inc.

1. Helping you reshape your food life for the better with a method. That is what this site used to be about almost exclusively beyond our offer to come speak to your group or write articles (paid or unpaid as appropriate). It’s all still here. The pages Positive Food and Stands we hope will make your quality of life better while you positively impact others with your growing and joyous ethical consumerism.

2. Fighting GMO takeover. Our longest project which began in the spring of 2010 is our web outreach www.gmofreeportland.com which aims to help consumers be loyal to non-GMO products and happier in the process. But if those choices are destroyed by market interference and contamination it won’t matter so we launched www.gmoreform.org to expose the corruption of the House Committee on Agriculture which is responsible for the USDA rubberstamping of GMO crops and other acts against natural food choice. We’d also been briefly involved in the California labeling ballot measure and ask you to support Oregon’s efforts to label GMO products and ban GMO crops locally on www.gmofreeoregon.org. Please listen to our short speech too from the June 2013 March against Monsanto and rally.

3. Teaching the public they have real power. In Portland, unhoused individuals are treated unthinkably and a good part of it is the prejudice built into the law. Hearing personal stories opens the hearts and minds of the public so they can demand constitutional and moral city codes. But our reason for this focus initially was that this battle can be won. It would be so beautiful and save so many lives that reform here would light the way for more positive change by increasing community empowerment. Before you go to www.vigiltv.com, watch these highlights, which are often shocking personal stories. Content advisory- this is uncensored sidewalk living.

4. Standing up to the Orwellification of our nation with a touching, personal, and sometimes funny program called “FanaticiZe.” It offers inspiration to get in shape and exercise personal power in the defense of freedom while standing up to bullies. Track Mary’s shaping up for the big battle. We’re living in a time of federal spying and intimidation. She’s calling herself a fanatic specifically to fly in the face of attempts to end free speech. The response to this abuse of power requires us all to not be weak or moderate, but outraged and determined! This includes supporting the good men and women holding office who can’t believe what is happening either. Check out these Episode summaries for fanaticiZe