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Eat no evil. When you learn something bad about food, put the fork down. Opt out. If someone or something was hurt or used or lost that you can’t bring yourself to think about easily- do not put that food into your mouth. It’s harming you too, deep inside.

This is what we write about, what we will come speak to your group about, or coach you with as you take it step by step.

Remember that when people making your food don’t care about doing harm, that includes your health and safety, directly and environmentally. When you find a food producer with an excellent standard for any of your morals, count on unseen benefits.

Here are some rules so you know it really is something you can do for yourself and the world.

Rule #1: Let yourself be arbitrary. This is your plan, not something with judgments and an absolute scale of good or bad.

Rule #2: Pick one or two things to change that are easy and meaningful.

Rule #3: Get used to a certain degree before becoming more stringent. If you start buying local, become good at shopping in a wider radius definition of local and shrink it later as a second goal. That second goal might not be as important as others waiting.

Rule #4: Know what foods and products cost approximately, then pick the better product if it is inside that budget. If you have a coupon in the car and you’re already in the store, do you go back for it? If a savings isn’t enough to make a trip to the car over, it isn’t enough to trump your desire to get something you feel is better in the world.

Rule #5: Let your ethics evolve with your actions. You have willpower just by thinking you want to keep a standard more than you want something convenient. That is a daily decision. It becomes an ethic when the daily decisions get quicker for you.

Rule #6: Shop or dine by your current food plan. If you think about a problem in the moment you’re getting dinner, it goes on your to-do list. Research and make improvements when the time is right.


Do you know what you want to change and why yet? Look around at the things in your house. Think about what goes into making them and how it affects animals, water, workers, and cultures. Some of them caused harm.

Now find something you know was made with real care- lets say it was an eggplant from a farmers market. It was planted, grown, harvested, brought to you, and earned someone a little money.It probably helped some bees out there too.

Eating positively fills a void – a need to be cleansed, like breathing in fresh air outside on a stressful workday. Why? Because we feel guilt knowing we might be perpetuating terrible things with our money… might be, but haven’t tried to find out.

Think of a food you’ll have soon that you know is true-blue. Think of it’s life story like we did the eggplant- the good that went into and the good it does including nourishing you. With that in mind, imagine eating it.

Imagine your cupboards full of stories – like coffee farm villages getting new schools, happy animals, safe jobs, and clean water.

Over time, your brain will receive information from every direction that you are a person making the world better- when you pour your coffee, when you fix your dinner, when you take out your trash, when you walk into a store…

When you investigate industrial food, you are going to learn things that make you sad, confused, or even helpless for the moment. When you look for new companies, some of them might disappoint you too. We want to help you to never get hung up on that.

Pick one thing to do forever. If you have two brands of something you buy, mostly equal but one with some added moral/ethical value to you, draw a line. Make a stand.

Now you have added a new consumer value- and since values are what we are as people, it doesn’t matter if the value extends no further than an eggplant right now. What matters is that you are having this experience.

See for yourself if it really is a breath of fresh air- a moment of peace away from a white noise of guilt you’re used to -a tiny smile from just seeing words on a product about a mission they have you now care about too. Life is made of split seconds.

So what will your new stand be?




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