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There are 2 ways to hear our speech “I will not eat GMO.”

Hear our speech in a download of thumbnail video. March Against Monsanto 5 25 13 speech GFP

Watch the rally speeches online in high quality stream, including ours which is last. Link to the official rally videos


Background (links below)

GMO-Free Portland was proud to be part of the March Against Monsanto in Portland, May 25, 2013 11am. It was organized by Tiffany Ayers & a dedicated team of amazing people. The additional work done by organizers, speakers and other participants in this rally because of this event is still going strong.

Some of the Portland work was catalyzed by a movie night where people met with each other, and that movie was put on by new activists who want to do more movie nights. The movie was Genetic Roulette, by author Jeffrey Smith.

The rally in Portland was inspired by Tami Monroe Canal who decided to host one, and call for solidarity marches around the world. Portland had between 6,000 & 10,000 attendees, the 2nd largest in the world, we’ve heard. Our GMO-Free Portland message at the rally was one of many empowering and sometimes shocking speeches. It’s called “I will not eat GMO” and it’s here to help inspire you on a daily basis to do your best. That is all you can do, and you should feel good doing it so please watch.

Beyond our speech, these links connect you with impressive work of others.


The webpage for the Portland Rally which is still an activism hub. Thank you Tiffany Ayers & other organizers.

The speeches at the Rally

GMO Free Oregon Scott Bates spoke at the rally about their work.

The movie Genetic Roulette & link to Tipping Point Network Thank you Jeffrey Smith & Institute for Responsible Technology

GMO-Free Portland (us) Find non-GMO food in Portland & elsewhere! Connect here with Facebook, Twitter, & more.

The founding MAM march of all the May 25th events page Thank you Tami Monroe Canal

Independent video about the Portland MAM march Thank you David Love, “Occucat” on Vimeo. Agent Orange images rated PG.


This website is about our work which is either free or paid. GMO-Free Portland is not a 501c4. It is a volunteer outreach run by Positive Food Inc., our business as contributing professional activists. Being an “expert” means having something to offer, which begins with unpaid work and lots of it. We’ve been doing this work supporting it ourselves for three years. So whether it’s paid or unpaid speakers or authors you seek, please contact us after watching this speech above. We don’t volunteer to help other people make money.  We volunteer for other volunteers, or we’ll accept pay from those earning a living that feel we fit their program if our values match. There are a few companies that are more like missions for the public good that sell a product, and there are some non-profits doing very good work. We would be honored to work in either paid or unpaid capacities if it means we further a shared goal together. Thank you for considering us.


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